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About us


Company Overview

SimPlus Verification Ltd., founded by Shmuel Amrusi in May 2002, has developed a TestBench suite (SPV), for automated hardware verification.

SimPlus Verification Ltd. has become a significant player in the EDA market, with a steady increase it's tool set for any area of the Pre-Silicon Verification/Validation. 

SPV enables developing, Verification environment for ASIC and FPGA. 
SPV supplies a unique solutions for many areas like:





Amongst our customers are:

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Our goals and objectives

The company's main focus is to build software tools for hardware engineers. Shmuel Amrusi, CTO says:''We believe that the hardware field stands to greatly benefit from professional software tools which simplify and ease the development process of any hardware component''.

SimPlus strives to become the suppliers of Test bench automation solution for any EDA company to consider when searching for the perfect compatible product

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