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SPV of  SimPlus Verification

  1. Learn how to mix verification environment Python + SPV.

  2. Use all the strongest attributres of python.

  3. Generates, stimulates and checks design, by python

  1. Let our engineers develop the verification environments, and let your hardware engineers perform simulations during development with our verification engineers, so you get a quality product in a short time and at the lowest price.

  1. Using SPV as a verification environment give you the following:

  • C++ is the best and fastest language.​

  • Tools:

    • Best editor (Window Linux).​

    • Fast and smart comppiler,Linker,Debugger.

    • Naturale language to simulator interface (Simulator interface is C/C++)

  2. SPV supplies interface to many tools like:

  • ​​Smart GUI for testing, regression etc..

  • MATLAB Runtime integration.

  • Using C ++ and Python for verification

  • Integrates to SystemVerilog & Specman.

  • Integrates to all simulators, all platforms, all languages includes mixed languages.

  3. best support in web (solution, examples,library).

   1.  achive 100 % coverage & 100 % efficiency.

   2.  Learm how SPV  enable  achive this target.

1. MATLAB is the strongest tool for:  

  • modem's && wireless simulation

  • mathematical calculations.

  • bits correction... More

2. By DPF of SPV: Import MATLAB capabilities  into  verification env.

   DPF: Library that enable:

  • ​call any MATLAB function in runtime.​
  • use  MATLAB engine & mutual memory.

  • Achieve flexible and amazing performenc

Debug your embedded , it's easy


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