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SPV-Verification environment
  • SPV as a verification environment 
  • Using C++ as a verification language
    • Using (Eclipse)/(Visual Studio)  for edit compile link run and debug.

      • The best language and tools, for these purposes.

      • The best performance (X5) than Specman System Verilog.

      • The best documentation for any target.

    • Naturale language to  simulator interface (PLI, FLI,VHPI...).

SPV supplies interfaces for many toolsas in the verification environment


  • ​​Smart GUI for testing, regression etc..

  • MATLAB Runtime integration.

  • Using C ++ and Python for verification

  • Integrates with System Verilog and  Specman.

  • Integrates with all simulators, all platforms, all languages includes mixed languages.

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